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In Your Free Video Course You Will Learn 3 Simple Tips To Help:

This video course is for you if:

  • You are struggling with physical pain, discomfort or stiffness
  • No matter how hard you try, you have no control over the endless, random thoughts whirring through your brain (they're exhausting right?...)
  • You have problems sleeping because your overactive mind keeps you awake at night and distracts you during the day, creating anxiety, stress and a feeling of overwhelm (you may feel tense in your body, sometimes to the point of physical discomfort)
  • Your busy mind can make you frustrated and irritable with family and friends...and maybe even depressed
  • You wish you had superpower magic skills to zap your endless mind chatter and make it all go away
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New to Qigong? Watch Part Of Lesson 1 In The Free Series:

Looking forward to you joining me on the start of your journey to a happy mind and revitalised body!

Meet Your Teacher

Janice Tucker

Helping clients achieve their optimum health in my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture clinics in Kerry, South-West Ireland has been my passion since 2000.

After studying Medical Qigong at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China I've also had the pleasure of teaching Qigong to hundreds of lovely students in face to face workshops over two decades.

In addition I also share this wonderful healing practice with you all in the wider online community through my online meditations and membership programme called Space To Relax. This enables those of you with no Qigong specialist in your locality to learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

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Client Love

As a Qigong teacher and having followed every bit of what Janice has been teaching over the last few months, I find her to be an excellent teacher who knows how to break down the Qigong exercises into small units that fit into each other to make them not too challenging for a beginner. Eventually she builds these blocks up into meaningful, functional units. Thank you for sharing them.

Sally, Qigong Teacher, Hamburg

Janice really knows her stuff and provides that space to be calm and relaxed by being this way herself and having a deep understanding of how important it is to take time for breath and creating space for that in the body. She offers a truly relaxing experience in a world where people are moving too fast.


These classes are interesting because there is plenty of similar content online. Yet your work has a distinctive authentic positive energy that I don’t find in others. Thank you kindly for supporting the global community.

Kevin, USA.

I enjoyed a very positive experience in the online classes. Janice is warm, genuinely caring and generous in terms of her knowledge and the care she gives to questions and comments. They are easy to learn and follow and provide a regular focus on practicing and learning skills.


Since I started doing Qigong with Janice Tucker I was always doing the vibrating exercise in front of the gooseberry bush in the garden !!! OMG I HAVE NEVER COLLECTED so much berries off this bush and there are still loads on it yet to be harvested in some weeks! I can not stop smiling 😀


This is wonderful and helping me a lot with bad allergy this year and anxiety during Covid 19.