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Restore Your Body

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Here is How You Start….

By learning quick and simple methods to:

feel revitalised, relaxed and clear minded

be able to manage any specific health conditions you might be struggling with

get a taster of a clear and structured path to supercharge your health

Do you suffer from constant mind chatter & anxiety?

No matter how hard you try, you have no control over the endless, random thoughts whirring through your brain? They keep you awake at night, create anxiety, stress and overwhelm to the point that your head could literally explode!

Does your body feel heavy, stiff, tense and tired?

Do you worry about sliding down a slippery slope of physical health problems and pain in the future with no way to stop the slide?

Do you have poor quality, broken sleep?

It may takes ages to go to sleep in the first place then you wake multiple times during the night and can’t get back to sleep….when it’s time to get up you’re then ready for another 3 hours in bed! 

Transform Stressful Struggles Into Physical Ease, Enhanced Energy & Peace Of Mind

By The End Of The Transformative Ten Qigong Video Lessons You Will Have:

Two easy-to-follow Qigong routines which can help you calm your mind chatter, improve your sleep, revitalise your physical body and manage any specific health conditions you may have.

Knowledge of how to combine these Qigong methods and tailor-make them into many more Qigong routines to integrate into your day, suiting your available time and energy levels.

An excellent insight into what to expect if you decide to dive in deep by joining the 50 week Space To Relax Qigong membership programme to help nip any health issues in the bud.

Stuck For A Gift For The Person Who Has Everything?

Transformative 10 Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1

Abdominal Breathing

How to change your breathing from a chest breathing style to a more efficient and energising abdominal breathing style – the basis of nearly all of the exercises I’ll be showing you in this course.

Lesson 2

The Correct Qigong Standing Posture

Learn the standing posture which will help you feel grounded and balanced during your Qigong exercises.  You will also learn about the swaying motion which occurs when you are fully relaxed in the standing posture.

Lesson 3

Method To Open To The Multitude Of Wonders

Learn about how to draw the Qi of the Heaven and the Earth into your body with the effect of physically bolstering your Qi, thereby relieving tiredness and giving you more energy.

Lesson 4

Quiet Sitting

Learn about practicing Qigong 24 hours per day – not formal time set aside to practice but quietly sitting in a mentally and emotionally relaxed state whenever you think of it.  This exercise looks externally simple, however it takes practice to use your mind to “kick start” the Qi and carry you through the day.

Lesson 5

Finding Time To Practice & Simple Qigong Routine Number 1

Give your body and brain a break with this simple routine based on the first four lessons, resulting in a calmer mind and a revitalised body.

Lesson 6

Discharge Waste/Sick Qi With Vibration Into Plants

Learn about how to quickly and easily discharge (get rid of) any waste or turbid Qi from your body by using relaxed vibrating movements in the presence of trees or plants, leaving you feeling refreshed – like taking a shower on the inside!

Lesson 7

Yi Tai Stretches – Part 1

Learn simple stretches which facilitate the smooth flow of Qi and improve the flexibility of the body.  Part 1 explains the movements and the breath.

Lesson 8

Yi Tai Stretches – Part 2

Learn simple stretches which facilitate the smooth flow of Qi and improve the flexibility of the body.  Part 1 explains the movements and the breath.

Lesson 9

Calm The 3 Spirits

Learn how to bring the “Excited Point” down from the brain into the lower abdomen, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.  This is an important method as you can use it to get into the “Qigong State” which will enable you to manage your emotions and your Qi throughout the day, while at the same time enhancing the effects of other Qigong exercises you practice.

Lesson 10

Simple Qigong Routine Number 2

Learn how to put together the Yi Tai Stretches, Discharge with Vibration into Plants and Calm the 3 Spirits into a simple, flowing routine.  The emphasis is on discharging waste or turbid Qi before performing the more calming or tonifying methods.

Why Transformative Ten Versus Monthly or Annual Membership of Space To Relax?

This is an easy way to find out if you like the lesson format and my style of teaching.

It involves less commitment than signing up for one full year of membership if you’re not sure that you want to commit for this length of time.

It gives you enough time (3 months) to properly assess whether Qigong is making a difference to the health of your body and mind in contrast to signing up for only one month which will not give you enough time to observe the benefits of Qigong.

You won’t have invested too much money or time compared to that involved in the annual subscription of Space To Relax so it’s a relatively low risk way to find out if Space To Relax Qigong is for you.

You’ll have the option to upgrade and receive the following 40 lessons of the full Space To Relax programme if you decide you love Qigong.

How Does It Work?

You will have access, for 3 months, to 10 step-by-step videos and audio, easy to follow, Qigong exercises which make up the first lessons of my 50 week Space To Relax programme of Qigong video lessons.

You’ll receive one new lesson per week for 10 weeks and be notified by e-mail when each new lesson becomes available. Each lesson consists of:

a professionally filmed Qigong video (10-20 mins duration) so you can see each exercise clearly demonstrated and explained by me

a Qigong audio file to download so you can practice outside in nature and listen to the instructions on a smartphone

a Qigong PDF file to download providing you with step-by-step details and more theory about each new method

Above is an extract from Lesson 1 in the membership site showing you how to breathe more efficiently, relax and calm your mind using abdominal breathing. This will give you a clear idea of the quality of video and detailed instruction you can look forward to.

The audio and PDF files are available for you to download to your laptop and keep for life. The videos are for members only and therefore can only be accessed for the duration of your membership; a bit like a gym membership where you can only access the equipment for as long as you are a member.

How Are These Lessons Different From My Free Videos?

In contrast my free lessons, I explain in detail not only what to do but how to learn Qigong exercises in the best way possible for you, resulting in the biggest benefits to your health.

Each new weekly lesson builds upon the previous one so you accumulate your experience step by step. You are guided by me along an easy to follow road map which minimises the overwhelm and includes two easy to follow routines, showing you how best to fit the lessons together

You will learn how to easily incorporate these Qigong exercises into your everyday routine (rather than sitting on top of a mountain or standing for hours in a forest meditating!)

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I Want To Supercharge My Health With The Transformative Ten Qigong Lessons…

Single payment €97 (approx. USD 110)

Two monthly payments €55 (approx. USD 65) 


How Qigong Has Helped My Students

My biggest frustration prior to coming to Space To Relax was sciatica and cramping in the psoas muscle, weakness in my leg muscles and poor posture. Since joining Space To Relax I find my legs are much stronger. The sciatica is gone, same with the muscle cramps in the psoas muscle. My posture is improving which I’m very happy about. I also think my breathing is deeper and more relaxed. I can now climb steps without getting breathless and feeling weak. I feel my stamina is much improved. Even just a short Qigong session will increase my energy level in a calm way.

The biggest difference between all the free Qigong available online and being part of the paid Space To Relax membership programme is the detail in the explanations and the demonstration of the movements in the lesson videos.

By being a member of the Space To Relax Facebook members group, I know I can ask a question if I need to, and I get an almost immediate and very personal reply which shows me that Janice really takes an interest in each of her students.

Janice is very detailed and clear in her explanations and takes things slowly so that you are not overwhelmed with trying to follow the moves.

I would most definitely recommend Janice Tucker and the Space To Relax membership programme.

Shirley Bauman

Being a member of space to relax has allowed me to realize that breathing is the best thing.
My life is difficult right now with moving house, with COVID and with stress. Qigong and Janice have been a support system for me. I’m absolutely sure I will carry on as long as I’m able.
I love Janice’s approach. Qigong may seem to some to be rather esoteric and Janice is so practical, down to earth and friendly.
I would totally recommend Janice Tucker and the Space To Relax programme.


Asier Odriozola

Asier describes how Space To Relax Qigong has helped him develop greater emotional stability and physical flexibility.

Patsy Bolton

Patsy uses Qigong as a "moving meditation" to help her remain calm and helps her stick to a regular self-care routine.

Beverley Williams

Beverley talks about using the Qigong lessons in Space To Relax as time for herself and to help her manage her job and day to day life.

Wendy Wright

Wendy describes how Space To Relax Qigong helps her to manage overwhelm and anxiety around having too much to do in her busy job.

Dee Breen

Dee has used Qigong to help her regain her balance, coordination, self esteem and confidence after a stroke.

Zoe Barley

Listen to how Zoe benefits from Qigong in order to help improve her focus and concentration during the stress of exams.

My biggest struggle was with chronic pain and lack of mindfulness. Since joining Space To Relax, I realised how simple the Qigong moves are and how basic they are to do on a daily basis. For me, I’m now much more mindful and learning to accept myself more.

The biggest difference between all the free Qigong available out there online and the Space To Relax paid lessons is that the paid membership is more like a tight ship. I don’t think anyone is afraid to put out there how they really feel.

By being a member of the Space To Relax Facebook group I know that Janice is at my call every day. She gets back to you super quick, which isn’t something you’d get everywhere.

Janice is warm kind and nurturing to your whole being.

I would absolutely recommend Janice Tucker and the Space To Relax membership programme.

Joanne Slough

Before coming to the space to relax programme, I wasn’t feeling connected to nature as much as I would have liked to be. Now I am totally connected. Now I’m able to disregard negative situations just by breathing and letting go wherever I am. The membership programme offers far more detail than any of the free Qigong out there.

Several months ago I had a fall while out walking. I didn’t break anything, but I was badly bruised and had sprained my right arm and shoulder. I feel that having started Janice’s programme several months before this happened helped so much in my speedy recovery!

By being a member of the member’s only Space To Relax Facebook group, I know that Janice is always there for me. Janice is an incredible teacher. She’s extraordinary in that her knowledge, kindness, patience, sincerity and attention to detail are amazing. Plus, I love the fact that she is so natural in every way and totally connected to nature.

I would absolutely recommend Janice and the Space To Relax membership programme.

Gaye Shepherd

Got Questions About Whether This Could Be The Course For You? Here Are Some Common Ones…


What if I have never done Qigong before?

The Qigong lessons are easy (my youngest member was 14 years old when she started!) so are perfect if you are just beginning Qigong. The beauty of Qigong techniques is that they can be practiced by anyone of any age or ability. You are guided by me every step of the way during the pre-recorded video lessons so you can be confident that help will always be at hand.


What if I don't have enough time to practice Qigong every day?

Each lesson is short (around 10-30 minutes) so you don’t need much time to watch the videos of Qigong exercises. Once you are familiar with the lesson, actually performing each method often takes less time than that. However if you are really under pressure, one of the things I emphasise is how easy it is to integrate the exercises into daily activities


Do I have to adopt a new religion or spiritual belief to do this?

Absolutely not. Qigong is simply working with the breath, mind and simple postures to enhance, manage and/or restore your health – and everyone wants to be healthy, regardless of their religion or spiritual belief.


I'm worried that I might make a pain/injury worse.

Before embarking upon any new exercise routine you should consult your doctor. If you have back or neck problems especially, you may want to modify the exercises in consultation with your doctor. I provide guidance during the exercises for people with specific health problems but keep in mind that it is important to work within your own limits. All of the Qigong lessons can be easily adapted for your individual level of ability.


I often start these things then lose enthusiasm/motivation so how will this course be different?

Because the lessons are short and you have a week in between each one to practice it is easy to fit in the time to learn Qigong. Once you quickly start to notice the benefits this will be all the motivation you need. The emphasis is on integrating the lessons into your day which means it is easier to stay motivated. The Facebook group is a collection of like-minded people who all jolly each other along, keeping each other motivated. Of course, I’ll be in there too, sprinkling tasty morsels of Qigong titbits to keep you enthused!


Surely it is better to go to a class that learn Qigong online?

This is perfectly true, but you may be:

• living in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of a town with no Qigong teacher.

a shift worker who cannot get to regular weekly classes because of your work schedule.

a care-giver, looking after a sick or elderly relative, or young children and cannot leave the house but can take a 20-minute break to learn from a video.


How does an online course work? I'm not technological so I'm not sure I could access the lessons.

Once you sign up to retrain your brain and body with me it’s simple. You will be sent your log in details by e-mail. You then just go over to the membership area to log in, and your first lesson will be waiting for you. Click play to watch the video and away you go! I’ll email you each week to let you know when your next lesson is available. You will receive one new lesson per week for 10 weeks.


I’m sure you agree that having a teacher who knows their stuff is crucial to how much benefit you will get out of learning Qigong to balance your health. Here’s a bit about me….

After leaving behind my biology degree and PhD (primarily because I couldn’t get a job when I moved to Ireland) I had to create a different path for myself (or risk falling into the depths of depression) so I studied to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (having spent a stack of money on professional career advice – so worth it!). Having always wanted to help people this was the perfect vocation for me and my biology background certainly came in handy.

I qualified in 2000 and am a member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland. I have been helping clients since then to relieve their pain and relax their minds so I’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works most effectively to bring your health back into balance.

I learned these proven and repeatable Qigong techniques at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China on 4 separate occasions, initially in 2000. This thorough training was taught to me first hand by 2 highly respected Medical Qigong Professors (Prof. Xia Shuangquan and Prof. Song Xinhong)… I know what I’m talking about! 

Hundreds of students in the past 20 years have trusted me to teach them Medical Qigong (Chinese breathing, relaxation, meditation and movements) to promote free flow of energy throughout the body in order to restore physical, emotional and mental health – so I’ve had lots of practice (I’m also a qualified schoolteacher and have been told I’m a pretty good at imparting knowledge!).

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… I love making a difference to the lives of the people I work with. Showing people who are suffering how to make simple but profound positive changes to their life and health gives me such a buzz – and that’s why I’ve been doing this for 20 years!

Janice & Vika

I Want To Supercharge My Health With The Transformative Ten Qigong Lessons…

Single payment €97 (approx. USD 110)

Two monthly payments €55 (approx. USD 65) 


Who is the Transformative Ten Not For?
This course is not for you if:

You’re not willing to watch the videos of the Qigong lessons

You’re not excited at the prospect of beginning to transform your state of physical, mental and emotional health, or to enhance an already good state of health and keep it that way.

You’re not wanting a calmer, more relaxed mind and peaceful sleep

You’re not curious as to how you can use simple stress relieving, health balancing Qigong methods in your day to day life.

So Now You Have Two Options…

1 – Do Nothing…

and things could escalate such as:

Your mind chatter and overwhelm may become increasingly distressing

Your fatigue prevents you from working, enjoying hobbies and having fun with family

Your physical tension, stress and pain begins to restrict your movement

Your quality of sleep will continue to deteriorate and affect your mood

2 – Take Action…

help yourself by learning some Qigong so that:

You get out of bed in the morning with a clear, calm and focused mind.

You feel energised and relaxed, ready to embrace the day ahead. Your mood is upbeat and cheerful.

Your pain has subsided and your body feels loose, supple and relaxed.

You have loads of energy in reserve to pursue hobbies and spend time enjoying the company of loved ones.

You go to bed without anxiety, knowing that your sleep will be blissfully peaceful and you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed!

I’m sure you know from experience that any change takes a bit of effort – but the rewards often pay you back 100x over.

So which path will you choose? Are you ready to invest in yourself? You be the judge. smile

I Want To Supercharge My Health With The Transformative Ten Qigong Lessons…

Single payment €97 (approx. USD 110)

Two monthly payments €55 (approx. USD 65) 


Gift Transformative Ten Qigong Lessons

Give someone you love the gift of mind calming, revitalising skills and peace of mind. Send them some Transformative Ten Qigong – perfect for that person in your life who has everything!

By joining Transformative Ten, you will have 3 months of access to the videos by which time you should have all you need to confidently perform the methods.

The accompanying audio and PDF files are available to download and be kept for life.

At the end of the 3 months I will give you the opportunity to continue your Qigong journey by becoming a member of the full 50 week Space To Relax programme.

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