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Qigong Workshops in Kerry

If you live in Ireland you may want to learn Qigong with me in face to face half or full day workshops. This is the best way for you to learn for the following reasons:

You are guided by me every step of the way and I can help you make small adjustments as you’re learning new Qigong methods which gives you the reassurance that you can confidently practice at home.

You learn much faster in a live environment.

You will benefit from learning as part of a group because you’ll have the opportunity to learn tips from each other (there are always students in the group who have experience of Qigong in addition to beginners).

Practising Qigong in a group has an interesting effect of amplifying your Qi flow so that you feel more energised and at the same time more calm, clear and focused.

Qigong practice in a group is fun!

In addition, I send you copies of the exercises at the end of each workshop so you don’t have to bother about taking notes.

Take a look at the videos of past workshops below to see the methods you could be learning. Complete beginners of any age or ability can learn Qigong. The students in the videos are beginners and learned these Qigong exercises in a matter of minutes!

Feedback from Happy Workshop Students

Thanks Janice. I really enjoyed the morning and yes a full day would be great. Just looking at myself on youtube, so funny and wonderful too. Thank you again. I feel so energised and happy.

Hi Janice Marian here. I dropped your 15 euro to the girl in the health store. Thank you so much for a wonderful morning. I fell asleep after my lunch I was so chilled out. I’m looking forward to listening to the CD.


10 out of 10. Janice really knows her stuff and provides that space to be calm and relaxed by being this way herself and having a deep understanding of how important it is to take time for the breath and creating space for that in the body. She offers a truly relaxing experience in a world where people are moving too fast.

Carol O'Connor

Special Offer for Workshop Students

Once you attend one of my workshops you will receive a link by email to join me for the Space To Relax programme of online Qigong video lessons for HALF PRICE!

If you’re interested in finding out about upcoming Qigong workshops then pop your details in the boxes below and I’ll let you know via email.

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