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– Become and expert at designing your own Qigong routines.

Please Do Not Feel Overwhelmed Or Left Behind…..

VERY few people will have completed all 50 lessons in the Space To Relax Programme by now so you are not alone! There is a huge amount of material in this programme to absorb in just under one year.

By now you will have grasped the basics and will probably be wanting to go back to some of the lessons you missed or look at some of your favourites again so that you can enhance your practice even more.

Now Is The Time To Shift From Conscious To Unconscious Practice

What does this mean exactly?

Well, it means that for the past year you have been learning new methods and so have been thinking about how to move, how to breathe, where the focus of your mind lies. You have probably felt very conscious of all of these things.

With continued practice you will start to let all of that go, let the Qi take over and REALLY FEEL THE FLOW OF QI AROUND YOUR BODY WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING BUT OBSERVE IT!

At This Point Your Qigong Practice Becomes Unconscious and Effortless!

As you go through this transformation you will slowly but surely observe many more Qi sensations in your body, your state of mind will be calmer and clearer than ever before, you will have much more energy and become even more confident about managing your health.

This Is The Point At Which Qigong Really Gets Interesting!

Zoe Barley

Wendy Wright

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You will have more time to catch up on any lessons you missed because there are VERY few people who actually stay up to date with all 50 lessons as they are delivered to you weekly.

By going back over some of your favourite lessons you will be surprised at how much extra you get out of them – you will feel different sensations and experience the benefits of each method at a much deeper level.

Your Qigong practice will transform from CONSCIOUS practice to UNCONSCIOUS practice which means you will be thinking less about your movement, breath and mind focus and simply observing the flow and sensations of Qi around your body which brings about a deep sense of calm and connection with nature.

Continued practice and understanding of Qigong will make you so much more confident around choosing the best routine for you on any particular day so that you can really get stuck in to working towards Supreme Health.

You will continue to receive my undivided attention and support in our Space To Relax members group on Facebook. You can also e-mail me with any questions about your practice if they are of a more private nature.

You get a half price rate on my “Back on Track” one to one for one hour consultation if you want to review a Qigong method with me or if you have a specific health concern you would like to address from a Chinese medicine/Qigong viewpoint.

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