Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling stiff and inflexible in your body? If so then there is a simple Qigong stretch that you can do to help. The simple Qigong stretch in the video on this page will help to loosen out the shoulders, chest and upper back. It’s the perfect exercise to perform in the garden first thing in the morning!

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Why Bother Stretching?

When we are sleeping at night our circulation of Qi and blood naturally slows down because we are moving less. Our muscles don’t require the same blood supply by night as they do by day. When we wake up in the morning it’s a good idea to warm up the body by stretching. Performing a simple Qigong stretch (such as the one in the video) in a mindful way, using the combination of movement, breath and your mind is the quickest way to “wake up” the body in the mornings. As a result you will feel awakened, enlivened and ready to face the day brimming with energy.

A Simple Qigong Stretch

This exercise is part of a method called the “Yi Tai Zhi Qi” stretches, the whole of which is taught in my Space To Relax membership programme of Qigong video lessons. It is aimed at releasing turbid Qi from the joints of the body. Follow along with the video to learn how a simple Qigong stretch like this is the perfect one to do first thing in the morning. It will set you up for the day feeling energised but relaxed at the same time.

Each movement can be performed in multiples of 3, 6 or 9. Start with multiples of 3 and gradually build up the repetitions as you become stronger and if you have more time. As you stretch breathe out and as you relax and come back to your original position, breathe in. Perform this exercise from the Qigong standing position.


Open back bending forwards. (Note: caution not to let the head drop too low if you have high blood pressure) and breathe out.

Come back up to standing as you breathe in.

Open chest, arms extend to the sides as you breathe out.

Bring arms back to centre as you breathe in.

Important Points to Note for This Qigong Stretch

1. This technique especially benefits older people because it promotes Qi and blood circulation. When combined with stillness it promotes Qi and blood and expands mental function. As you get older lack of movement causes stiffness. This exercise is to help you stretch the stiff tendons a little and soften all the all the joints in your body. If you continue doing it, it becomes easier.

2. Remember to pay attention to mind, body and breathing; that they are united together leading to the best results. With this exercise, perform it at the speed and regulation of Qi that suits you so that you don’t feel tired. This is different to physical exercise because the main thing here is that the Qi and blood are able to flow. Only secondly is this a physical exercise.

What Do I Do Next?

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