How amazing would it feel to be like one of the action or super heroes we see in films and TV? When you look at them you can sense their seemingly overflowing and abundant levels of energy. It’s as though they are bursting with it! Wouldn’t you like to feel like that? Unfortunately this is not the case for many of us mere mortals! More commonly we struggle with lack of energy (or total exhaustion). We have little or no motivation, feelings of stagnation or not moving forward with our lives. Often we have no energy to complete the simplest daily tasks. Thankfully we can use simple methods of Qigong for energy!

The consequences of low energy levels can have a huge impact on our lives. One person told me, “I feel like I’m not living life to its full potential”. Hopefully you are not feeling so exhausted that you are thinking these kinds of thoughts. However, if you are, or if you simply need a bit of an energy boost (and who doesn’t?) then the video on this page will help you. I’m going to show you how to use Qigong for energy so that you can at least go some way to feeling like Superman or Wonder Woman! 🙂

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong, and the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Why Do So Many Of Us Struggle With Low Energy Levels and Exhaustion?

Many factors affect the levels of Qi (energy) in our bodies. Our main sources of Qi come from:

  1. What we inherit from our parents (our “constitution” if you want to think of it like that);
  2. The amount and quality of air that we breathe;
  3. The amount and quality of food and drink that we ingest.

Our Qi can also be depleted in many ways. Too little sleep, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive exercise, excessive sex and many other pressures can easily leave us exhausted.

So what can we do about minimising our energy loss?

The Solution – Qigong For Energy

We cannot change what we have inherited from our parents in terms of our basic constitution. However we can do lots of things to improve the quality of air that we breathe, the efficiency of each breath and the types of food and drink we consume.

  1. Breathing. Make sure that you are breathing efficiently. Qigong has the perfect solution to this as it requires us to pay conscious attention to our breath. Breathing usually takes the form of what is called “Abdominal Breathing” (as you breathe in your belly expands and as you breathe out your belly shrinks) which is also extremely relaxing. This is a much more efficient way of breathing than “chest breathing” which most of us do. Abdominal breathing makes use of the diaphragm which pushes down as you inhale and increases your lung capacity. You are therefore taking in more air (good quality Qi) per breath which in turn gives you more energy.
  1. Food and Drink. Eating fresh, locally grown, organic if possible food will go a long way to improving your energy levels. Also, if you are someone who is lacking in energy and also feels cold a lot of the time, or if you suffer with digestive issues, then it is important to avoid cold, raw foods and eat warm, cooked food. This means you will not to put too much stress on your system by wasting energy digesting food that has not already been partially broken down by the cooking process.
  1. Rid Waste Qi (energy). Getting rid of waste Qi which we may have accumulated through stress, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating junk food etc. is important as waste Qi circulating in the body can leave us feeling exhausted. There are excellent methods in Qigong for the removal or “Discharge” of waste Qi (see below and also my previous blog on “Qigong for Cleansing“).

What Do I  Do Next?

If you would like to start using Qigong for energy then:

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  1. Go to my previous video on “Qigong for Tiredness and Exhaustion“.