This is a replay of a Qigong podcast interview “Create More Energy In Your Life” conducted by my Chinese medicine practitioner colleague, Lucy Townsley, who started her own podcast on women’s health in January 2022. She has interviewed a number of fascinating, knowledgable experts about many health matters affecting women and I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak on her podcast.

In this Qigong video interview I emphasise my passion and belief in equipping my clients and Qigong students with tools which they can use to manage their health for themselves. These “Qigong tools” encourage you to take responsibility for your own health, giving you confidence and empowering you so that you no longer feel helpless when it comes to your state of health.

Main Points

In the podcast I explain to you how to:

  1. Annihilate Anxiety
  2. Extinguish Exhaustion
  3. Minimise Mind Chatter
  4. Help Boost Immunity

Qi Gong is a different type of exercise where you don’t force your body to move. You use your breath and mind to lead the body’s movement. This can be helpful if you suffer from pain.

Breathing is a huge part of Qigong. When you breathe in deeply and feel the belly expand out. The diaphragm will then move in different directions, sideways, forwards, backward, up, and down. The benefits of breathing are huge… Breathing brings energy to your body called Qi in Chinese Medicine. Breathing in and out of the nose helps calm the mind and helps with anxiety.

Do you have a place in your body that is painful? If so, I explain how breathing into the area can help ease your pain.

In this podcast, it’s made very clear that anyone can learn how to turn their health around. You can be in control of your life. Once you start on this journey it helps ease any worry of future health concerns.

The most important takeaway for you from my Qigong video interview is to understand that change can happen by allowing rather than forcing things unnaturally. Many Qigong students put in too much effort rather than simply enjoying and observing their practice. 😊

What Can I Do Next?

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