This is a replay of a Qigong video interview conducted by Robert Bowley who put together a Qigong Summit in January 2020. He interviewed one Qigong expert per day for 30 minutes over a period of 21 days. This was a monumental effort on Rob’s behalf in response to the increasing desire to know more about ancient healing systems and how we can bring them into our lives in the modern day. Rob’s intention was to interview experts who could provide solutions to transform your health and build emotional resilience.

I was amongst an esteemed group of Qigong experts so I felt extremely fortunate to be invited to be interviewed by Rob.

In this Qigong video interview I emphasise my passion and belief in equipping my clients and Qigong students with tools which they can use to manage their health for themselves. These “Qigong tools” encourage you to take responsibility for your own health, giving you confidence and empowering you so that you no longer feel helpless when it comes to your state of health.

Main Points

Particular points to note from my Qigong Summit interview are:
1. That Qigong is not about pushing & straining to achieve a goal. Rather, you enter into the practice and allow things to unfold;
2. The ways in which my students have gained huge benefits by practicing Qigong regularly;
3. Why Qigong can help you enjoy better sleep;
4. How you can allow your emotions to flow through you & be processed through your body/mind or expressed in a healthy way. By doing this you can gain peace of mind & happiness in your relationships with others.

The most important takeaway for you from my Qigong video interview is to understand that change can happen by allowing rather than forcing things unnaturally. Many Qigong students put in too much effort rather than simply enjoying and observing their practice. 😊

What Can I Do Next?

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