Qigong (Chi Kung) Demonstration-Discharge Waste Qi

Qigong (Chi Kung) Demonstration-Discharge Waste Qi

This video from me, Janice Tucker, at http://spacetorelax.com/ explains a simple and quick Qigong (Chi Kung) method to get rid of the “icky, yucky” feelings that you might epxerience at the end of the day. These feelings may be tiredness, aches/pains, irritability, grief, sadness, anxiety, etc. The Qigong (Chi Kung) method featured here is particularly useful when practised just before going to bed.  You will sleep like a baby after this!! 🙂

I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong.  I am also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.  My passion is helping people to improve their health using simple Qigong (Chi Kung) methods which can be easily integrated into their day.  You can practice most of these in 5 minutes or less so they are perfectly suited to fit in to our busy lives!

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Watch and follow along with the short demonstration of the Qigong (Chi Kung) method called “Discharge Waste Qi With Vibration”.  This video is available on my Space To Relax website as part of a FREE 3 part video series which you can sign up to receive by e-mail.


For this exercise you think of any waste energy (Qi) that you might have accumulated during the day. This can be physical (ache, pain, stiffness), mental/emotional (sadness, grief, worry, anxiety). Bring waste Qi from deep within the body up to the skin surface. Your action of a simple vibrating movement and breathing is what gets rid of the waste Qi.


-Stand with the feet shoulder width distance apart and be soft in the knees.  Vibrate the body by bouncing gently up and down on the knees. The whole body should be loose and relaxed.
-Think of using the vibration of the body to bring up any waste Qi from deep inside the body to the skin surface.
-Breathe out and think of sending the waste Qi away from the surface of the body.  Think of it as raindrops flying off the surface of the skin and away into the atmosphere.
-Continue vibrating the body, tilting first to one side and then the other.

You can practice this exercise for as long as you want in order to feel that waste Qi has left the body.


By discharging waste Qi in this way you will feel:

-much more energised


-able to sleep much better at night

This Qigong (Chi Kung) method feels almost like you are “taking a shower on the inside”.  The removal of waste Qi from deep down makes you feel much cleaner on the inside.

This is a short extract from the full exercise of “Discharge Waste Qi With Vibration”.  If you are interested in learning the full exercise then click on my Space To Relax homepage. At the top of the page you can sign up for a free 3 part Qigong video course which will be delivered to your e-mail. The exercise featured here is Exercise 3 in the FREE course. The first exercise shows you how to breathe much more efficiently so that your mind becomes instantly calmer and more focused.  The second exercise shows you how to quickly increase your energy levels in the space of only 5 minutes!

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