Qigong For Prevention Of Illness

Qigong For Prevention Of Illness

Qigong For Prevention Of Illness

Today I’m going to describe a different way of talking and thinking about health from a Chinese medicine point of view in comparison to how we think of it in the Western world. I’ll also tell you about how you can use Qigong for prevention of illness.

My name is Janice Tucker and I’m a Chinese medicine and medical Qigong practitioner. I’m also the founder of the Space To Relax online video programme of Qigong lessons.

Below is a quote from the most important Chinese medicine text, dating back more than 2000 years, called the Huang Di Nei Jing:

“To administer medicine after an illness begins is like digging a well after becoming thirsty or casting weapons after a battle has been engaged”.

The idea around health in Chinese medicine and Qigong is more preventative; it’s all about being prepared. Illness is obviously a possibility in the future but it is also something which can be prevented if we are prepared. This means taking the right steps to manage our lifestyle, diet, exercise and other things that we do on a day to day basis.

The essence of medical Qigong is to learn and practice Qigong exercises which allow us to prevent any illness from taking root in the first place. This is similar to weeds taking root in your garden. If you allow the seeds to germinate and grow into huge weeds then you quickly end up with a garden which has been taken over by the plants you don’t want. Once they are established they are also more difficult to remove. If you pull up the weeds before they become established, while they are still small, then they are very easy to remove and you can keep your garden clear so that you can grow all the flowers and vegetables you want to grow.

Similarly, in your body, if you let things take root and don’t do anything to regularly clear out what you don’t want then the “weeds” (illness) soon take over. Then you are not able to flourish to the best of your potential.
In Chinese medicine, Qigong and acupuncture we work to be continuously “weeding the garden”. These methods offer you a very easy way in which you can use Qigong for prevention of illness. Qigong methods can eliminate the root cause of disease and also prevent illness or disease from taking root in the first place. The practice of Qigong allows the smooth flow of Qi to be maintained. Your Qi is the “vital energy” in your body so if that is flowing smoothly then you maintain the best health possible.

If you’d like to learn a few methods of Qigong for prevention of illness and to “stop the weeds from taking root”, go to my Space To Relax homepage to download a free 3 part Qigong video course showing you some excellent exercises to:
1. Get you started on being able to manage your health
2. Stop the weeds from taking root
3. Maintain the smoothest possible flow of Qi on a regular basis

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