Gain Time With Qigong

Gain Time With Qigong

A while ago I sent out a survey asking those of you on my email list, “What is your biggest struggle when it comes to peace of mind and relaxation?”. I followed this up by asking, “What are the negative consequences of this struggle?” By far the most popular answer was to do with time, or more precisely, lack of time. Many people imagine that by adopting the habit of a mindful practice like Qigong, they will have less time to do other more urgent or important things. In the video on this page I’ll be explaining how you can in fact gain time with Qigong.

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong, and the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Survey Responses On The Subject Of Time

Here are some of the time related comments left by the people who responded to my survey:

  • I feel guilty for taking time out;
  • I can’t make time in my busy schedule;
  • I have no time to get things completed;
  • I want to take time to relax and watch your videos;
  • I want to be more disciplined about taking time for myself;
  • I want to schedule more time;
  • I want to make more time to do nice things and then actually do them!

Any of these sound familiar to you?

Can We Actually Gain Time?

What is important to realise is that there is a finite amount of time in the day so “gaining” or” making” time isn’t actually possible. It’s more about “allocating” or “apportioning” time to the things we feel are more important or urgent. It’s up to you to decide upon those things.

If your response to this is, “Well it’s not up to me, it’s all determined by others”, just remember that you created your life because of the choices you made at a particular time. We create our own reality. If you are feeling a lack of time then please don’t despair! You can begin to make different choices to change things for the better. You create your life, remember that!

How To Gain Time With Qigong

I want to help you to start making different choices. The key to this is deciding that your physical and mental health is a priority. Just pause for a moment and think about how your life would be without them. How restricted would you feel then? This is usually enough incentive for us to gain a little perspective around our health. We all take it for granted until it’s taken away from us.

If you can invest 5 minutes per day in a regular Qigong practice this will go a long way to helping you maintain your physical and mental health.

Take a look at the exercise on abdominal breathing in the video. This is a perfect example of how to gain time with Qigong practice. Why? Because your mind will become clearer and more alert as a result of focusing on abdominal breathing. You will start to feel physically more energetic. This means that you will then be able to complete all the tasks in your busy schedule faster and more efficiently, freeing up time to spend relaxing with friends and family.

See how it works? The hamster on the wheel idea is not sustainable. Something needs to change if you want your management of time to be more effective. That something is the state of your physical and mental health.

What Do I  Do Next?

If you would like to gain time with Qigong by improving the state of your physical and mental health then:

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