How To Relieve Stress With Qigong

How To Relieve Stress With Qigong

Stress is a word that’s so bandied about the place. It’s such a common word because it’s such a common problem. Watch this short video to learn some shocking statistics from a study on stress and how to relieve stress with Qigong.

My name is Janice Tucker and I’m a Chinese medicine practitioner and a practitioner of Medical Qigong. I’m also the founder of the Space To Relax online program of Qigong video lessons.

Something I came across when I was looking into stress was a very interesting study by the British Acupuncture Council. This study was carried out in 2015. They interviewed five thousand people and found that:

half admitted that they had stress and that they resorted to junk food and alcohol in order to make themselves feel better
• a third admitted to comfort eating
• a quarter of them admitted to drinking alcohol
one in five said that they had put on weight as a result of stress
70% said that they were aware that prolonged stress affected their lives. Half of these said that they just put up with it and two-thirds of stated that stress was an unavoidable part of their life

So stress is obviously a real problem. The problem with living in our modern society is that people find that they get very stressed. They then resort to unhealthy actions (drinking or eating unhealthily) in order to deal with that stress, or to avoid it. Consequently, we can become very unhealthy as a result.

A much better way to deal with stress would be to do something more preventive. I teach you how to relieve stress with Qigong methods to “head it off at the pass”.  These simple methods can be easily integrated on a daily basis into your life. Qigong helps to reduce stress levels, relaxing both the physical body, the mind and the emotions.

If you’d like to learn more about how to relieve stress with Qigong and how to approach it in a much healthier way (other than eating junk food or drinking alcohol and putting on weight) then please head over to the Space to Relax homepage where you can download a free meditation and also a free three-part Qigong video course. These methods are very straightforward to follow and they take around five minutes to practice. I deliberately made them very easy to integrate into your day because often when we’re stressed it is because we’re really busy and feeling overwhelmed. I don’t want to give you more things to do!

If you’ve got any ideas or anything that you do to relieve your stress then please share them by leaving a comment below this video or leave a comment in the Space To Relax Free Group which you can join on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you all do to relieve stress because when we share with each other than we all learn something.