Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation

Most of us of heard of meditation but what specifically is Qigong meditation and how can it help us in our lives? This video from Dr Janice Tucker explains Qigong meditation for you and highlights some of the many benefits of Qigong meditation for your health and day to day life.

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Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong, and the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

What is Qigong Meditation?

Qigong meditation is a meditation which can be still or moving. It involves the breath, posture and often simple, gentle movements. Qigong meditation helps to quiet your mind, make you feel tranquil. It also makes your body feel as though it is merging with the environment!

Qigong meditation focuses on relaxation so that you can calm the scattered thoughts in your mind. The movements and breath allow your Qi to flow much more freely, in an unimpeded way, around your body. When the Qi is doing this you feel much more relaxed, clearer, calmer and also energetic.  Through regular Qigong meditation practice you will actually improve your state of health.

Because it is such a tranquil, quiet practice an interesting thing can also happen; you can be sitting for hours and it feels as though only a few minutes have passed by. For example, when I teach a Qigong meditation in my workshops that takes 15 minutes, my students often say afterwards that they feel as though only 5 minutes has passed by!

Qigong mediation alters your perception of time because you are so relaxed and enjoying being in the moment to the extent that you don’t feel the time passing!

How Can Qigong Meditation Help Us?

By allowing the free flow of Qi:

you feel calm and focused
scattered thoughts in your mind become more grounded
overwhelm is reduced
the stresses and strains of modern day living are easier to cope with
you feel much more able to take things in your stride
you feel much more energetic, with an underlying calmness

The result is that you become a nicer person to be around! People notice the difference in you when you are practising Qigong meditation regularly. This only has to involve an investment of a few minutes each day. You will notice that your relationships start to improve because you are giving off a much more “serene vibe”. People really will pick up on this!

When you achieve a calm mind:
1. Your sleep improves – we cannot sleep unless our minds are calm. If you have lots of thoughts whirring around in your mind it is almost impossible to sleep.
2. You are able to focus and concentrate much better during the day.

If you are interested in learning some free Qigong meditation then click on my Space to Relax homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can sign up for a free Qigong mediation called “Calm Your Busy Mind In 8 Minutes“. You can download the meditation to your laptop, tablet or phone. You can take it outside with you and practice in your favourite place in nature. You will notice in the very short space of time practising this meditation how much calmer and relaxed you feel so I invite you to try it!

Also, if you head over to my free group on Facebook, “Space To Relax Free Group” you can leave any questions for me there and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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