Qigong For Immunity

Qigong For Immunity

The students in my recent Qigong live workshop were so pleased to learn some simple methods to enhance their immunity. Now they can better resist coughs, cold and other nasty infections coming into the autumn. Even if you don’t live in the northern hemisphere as I do here in Ireland, please watch the accompanying video. We all know that boosting our immunity to its optimum is valuable thing to at any time of the year. In the video next to this text I’m going to give you some tips on how to use Qigong for immunity ehnancement. I’ll be showing you how to supercharge your immune system with quick and simple methods. You can integrate these methods into your daily activities very easily so there is no excuse for not doing them!

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Qigong For Immunity – My Top 4 Tips

1. Abdominal Breathing

a) Inhalation. In order to enhance your immunity think of inhaling clean, fresh, energising air that will improve your lung function, opening up your respiratory channels so that you can increase your resistance to disease.
b) Exhalation. As you exhale think of anything you don’t want in your body, especially if you have an infection, e.g. phlegm, cough, sinus pressure. Breathe out, using your mind to expel what you don’t want.

For more detail on this method, please click here to view my previous video on “Get Rid of the Negative with Qigong Breathing Exercises”.

2. One of the Six Healing Sounds

This is a “discharging” method which means you can use it to rid any sick or waste Qi from your body. In this method you use a specific sound to rid sick Qi from the Lung system. The sound is “tssss” and it creates a specific frequency which resonates with your lung system. In this way you can help enhance your immunity.

a) Breathe into the lower belly (Dan Tian) for 3 breaths.
b) Think of the lungs for 3 breaths.
c) Exhale each time saying the “tssss” sound as you turn to the side looking over your shoulder. As you do this think of expelling waste or sick Qi from your lungs.

You can perform this method from a standing position or as you are walking.

3. Discharge With Vibration

This is a very quick and easy Qigong for immunity method in which you simply vibrate the body to expel any sick or waste Qi from your body. It is Lesson 3 in my free 3 part Space To Relax video series (see below for details on how to access this).

4. Get Advice From Your Practitioner or Local Health Store

The ideal time to book a course of treatment with your Chinese medicine practitioner or acupuncturist is before your immune system is challenged. Make use of your healthcare practitioner or consult with your local health store to get advice on the best immune boosting herbs and supplements.

What Do I Do Next?

To learn even more tips on Qigong for immunity enhancement go to the Space To Relax homepage. There you can sign up to receive three free video lessons which will be delivered to you by e-mail over the course of a few days. Abdominal breathing is Lesson 1 and Discharge with Vibration is Lesson 3. Also, for the free audio meditation “Calm Your Busy Mind In 8 Minutes” scroll to the bottom of the Space To Relax homepage.

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