How To Slow Down With Qigong

How To Slow Down With Qigong

In our busy lives it is becoming more important to develop techniques and strategies to enable us to slow down. We all have busy schedules which leads us to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. By slowing down we can learn how to create more “brain space”. This will enable us to focus, concentrate and also overcome the fatigue which results from a hectic, draining schedule of endless tasks. In the video on this page I’ll be showing you how to slow down with Qigong practice so that you can take life in your stride!

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Slow Down With Qigong – Why Bother?

The faster we go the harder it is to maintain our energy levels, focus and concentration. When we notice that we are “losing control” we then become stressed. This is not good for our state of mental or physical health. We  are all pretty well aware that stress leads ultimately to a breakdown in the body (aches and pains, digestive problems, skin rashes, etc.) or mind (anxiety, depression, panic attacks).

By slowing down and doing things more deliberately we can maintain our energy levels, focus, concentration and control so that we minimise stress, overwhelm and fatigue.

Slow Down With Qigong – The Benefits

The practice of Qigong enables us to take the time to slow down. Nearly every Qigong movement is slow, deliberate and mindful. We can learn how to slow down with Qigong practice of only 5 minutes per day. This will allow your both your body and mind to take a breather and relax. Eventually this practice will start to infiltrate the rest of your daily life with the following positive results:

  • you start the day with a more positive and optimistic outlook;
  • happier day to day living;
  • a deep sense of wellbeing;
  • feeling more balanced mentally and physically;
  • having a more constant energy supply instead of highs and lows of energy;
  • feeling you are moving ahead with your life and are in control;
  • able to cope much more effortlessly with issues which you would previously have classed as a major hurdle or problem.

And who wouldn’t want any of these things?

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What Do I  Do Next?

If you would like to slow down with Qigong and experience some of the positive benefits listed above then this is what you can do:

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