Qigong for Adrenal Fatigue

Qigong for Adrenal Fatigue

Are you are exhausted in the mornings? Do you have to take a nap in the afternoon to recharge your batteries? Do you want to sleep all the time? Are you listless and lacking in energy? Do you crave carbohydrates and sweet foods? Do you find that you just don’t have the energy to carry out your usual daily tasks? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. In the video on this page I’ll be showing you some methods of Qigong for adrenal fatigue along with a few other Chinese medicine tips to help you on the road back to feeling revitalised, re-energised and healthy.

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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What is Adrenal Fatigue

In terms of conventional Western medicine, adrenal fatigue occurs when you are excessively stressed at home or at work to the extent that your adrenal glands go into overdrive and produce too much of the stress hormone cortisol as a result of the body’s fight or flight response. This then prevents your adrenal glands from secreting the other hormones that your body needs and results in the symptoms I listed at the beginning of this article.

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) adrenal fatigue is due to a kidney system deficiency. From a TCM and Qigong perspective we can address adrenal fatigue by “tonifying” or building up the kidneys.

Methods of Qigong for Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Simple Abdominal Breathing. Focus the mind on the kidney area as you inhale and exhale. In your mind’s eye see the kidneys. Feel them pulsating or vibrating like the beating of your heart but less pronounced. Feel the Qi (energy) entering and energising the kidney area as you inhale. Relax as you exhale. If you’re not sure how to perform abdominal breathing refer to a previous video I made by clicking here.
  1. Kidney Massage. This is a very quick and easy method of Qigong for adrenal fatigue. Place your hands on your kidneys and rub vigorously up and down feeling the heat generated by your hands moving deep into the kidney area. This method is part of one of the exercises in my Space To Relax Online Programme of Qigong video lessons.
  1. To strengthen the Kidney system follow along with the Looking Back Over Shoulder method in my previous video about Qigong For Back Pain.

Dietary Tips

You can make a significant impact on reducing the symptoms of adrenal fatigue by making changes to your diet. Instead of eating three big meals per day, eat small meals spaced out more frequently. Also you can include foods which benefit kidney in your diet. These include pork, sprouts, eggs, beans, barley, sardines, cheese and blueberries, kidney beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts, asparagus, sweet potato, string beans, celery, parsley, grapes and plums.

In terms of what to avoid, you will be best to cut out heavily sugared soft drinks, alcohol, and highly salted foods. Smokers should try to stop or at least cut down on their intake of tobacco.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

It is worth seeking the help of a TCM practitioner as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can also help you if you have adrenal fatigue. TCM practitioners will stimulate key points associated with the kidney. In some cases, you can use acupressure just inside the ankle between the medial malleolus (ankle bone on the inside of the foot) and the Achilles tendon. Massage the area in a clockwise motion for five minutes on each side of the foot and repeat daily for best results.

Where Can I Learn More?

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