Qigong Exercises For Arthritis

Qigong Exercises For Arthritis

Feeling stiff and inflexible, or feeling pain in your joints is debilitating and can be a source of misery and depression for many people. Approximately 350 million people worldwide have arthritis (www.medicinenet.com) which makes this a huge problem for both the healthcare profession and the sufferers themselves. Although there is no cure for arthritis, there are many practices and methods we can adopt to help minimise the progression of this condition. In the video on this page you will learn how to use Qigong exercises for arthritis and other related bone and joint conditions.

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong, and the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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What Are The Symptoms of Arthritis?

Symptoms of arthritis include pain and limited function of joints. Inflammation of the joints from arthritis is characterised by joint stiffness, swelling, redness, and warm. Tenderness of the inflamed joint can be present.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms your symptoms are due to a lack of smooth and open flow of blood, fluid and Qi (energy) through the joints. This is often where things tend to stagnate because there are lots of nooks and crannies in the joints for the blood, fluid and energy to flow though. The narrowing of these circulatory pathways is a bit like the narrowing of a motorway caused by road works; if a lane is closed everything backs up in the area!

The Solution – Qigong Exercises For Arthritis

Any moving Qigong methods in general are perfect for dealing with arthritis. This is because they smooth the flow of energy (Qi) and blood flow through the area. In Chinese Medicine terms, it is a stagnation or blockage of the flow of Qi and blood which can cause pain. However there are a couple of methods which are particularly useful to help you regulate arthritis more specifically.

1. Qigong for Cleansing. Watch my previous video on “Qigong For Cleansing“. You can use this method of Qigong for arthritis because it helps to rid any waste Qi from your body, i.e. stiffness, aches, heaviness and pain.

2. For back pain. Watch my previous video on “Qigong Standing Posture“. This method is exceptionally helpful if you suffer with arthritis of the spine or knees. This is because it provides you with a standing posture which will avoid any obstruction in the flow of Qi and blood through two areas which are particularly prone to stagnation and pain, the lower back and neck.

3. For morning stiffness and pain. If you feel especially stiff in the mornings and it takes you a while to get going then it will be very helpful for you to start the day with a few gentle movements. This will help you to get going quicker in the mornings! Click here for my Qigong morning routine.

4. For fibromyalgia and related muscle stiffness and pain. A few of my Space To Relax online Qigong members requested the video I made here as they suffer with fibromyalgia. If you also suffer with muscle stiffness and pain in addition to joint stiffness watch my previous video on” Qigong for Fibromyalgia“.

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4. You may want to consider looking into how various supplements such as turmeric supplements and anti inflammatory foods can help you to manage arthritis and joint pain.