Qigong For Seniors

Qigong For Seniors

Today I’m going to be discussing Qigong for seniors and how it can be used for regulating stress as we get older.

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong, and the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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A couple of months ago I received and e-mail from Sally Perkins who is a content manager for a senior advice site called Senior Advisor. She had watched a previous video on my Space To Relax website called “Qigong for Stress Relief” and was interested in how Qigong could help the elderly. She very helpfully suggested that I cover the use of Qigong for seniors and how it can help them with stress relief.

Sally kindly provided me with an introduction to this post, highlighting the importance of regulating our stress levels as we age. The introduction from Sally is below followed by my top 3 tips using Qigong for seniors in order to minimise stress levels.

Sally’s Introduction – Don’t Let Stress Get You Down!

Let’s face it: we are all busy bees. As we get older, it is important to our overall mental and physical health to keep our stress levels in check, or else there are many negative health issues that will arise. There are both short and long term effects of leading a high-stress lifestyle, including:

1. Weakening the immune system
2. Insomnia and sleep issues
3. High blood pressure and high blood sugar levels
4. Skin rashes and acne breakouts
5. Digestive issues
6. Headaches and trouble focusing

By trying to avoid things that bring you stress, whether it be managing your time better at work or trying to steer clear of situations or people who might add to your frustrations, you can better maintain a healthy lifestyle. This guide will show you how to focus on ways to relax and make a true difference in your energy levels which will help you to avoid the negative impact of stress that is increasingly damaging to your health as you age.

Qigong For Seniors – My Top 3 Tips

As Sally rightly points out, if you can avoid stressful situations in the first place that will go a long way towards maintaining a healthy, balanced life. However that is not always possible due to lifestyle, family and work situations. If you do find yourself becoming stressed here are my top three Qigong for seniors tips which you can use to help yourself. This advice applies to senior members of our population and also carers of the elderly as they can also suffer from stress.

1. Breathe Into Your Belly. This Qigong exercise will instantly ground and calm your mind. You can learn how to do this by signing up for my free 3 part video series which I mention at the end of this post. Belly or abdominal breathing is Lesson 1.

2. Relax as soon as possible after experiencing stress to allow your body and mind to recover. After doing this, if you still feel stressed, refer to Lesson 3 in the free video series showing you how to get rid of “waste Qi” or energy/feelings from your body. Also take a look at one of my previous videos on the Space To Relax website called “Qigong for Cleansing“.

3. Develop a Daily Qigong Routine. A daily routine of Qigong or meditation will allow you to better cope with future stressful situations. Bit by bit you will notice that you become better at taking stressful events in your stride.

Qigong For Seniors: What Should I Do Next?

To read more about how to best reduce your stress as you get older go to senior advisor.com and read the following article on “The Many Negative Effects of Stress On Health“.

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