Qigong Health – A Different View Of Health and Illness

Qigong Health – A Different View Of Health and Illness

Today I want to talk to you about the definition of Qigong health. What is health? Because simply not being ill is just not good enough!

My name is Janice Tucker and I’m a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong and I’m also the founder of Space To Relax which is an online programme of Qigong breathing and relaxation exercises.

In Chinese medicine and Qigong health is much more complicated and well-defined than it tends to be in Western medicine. In conventional Western medicine we often think that if we are not ill then we are healthy. Sometimes we may not be ill but feel a little bit under par, maybe lacking in energy, stressed or anxious (so emotionally feeling not quite right) and there may be other niggling things that we don’t even think about from day to day so don’t class them as signs of being unhealthy. We would usually only go to our doctor when we feel sick.

By contrast, in Chinese Medicine, if you are “Supremely Healthy” that is the very top rung of the ladder. There are 5 rungs to the ladder. From the top down:

  1. Supreme Health
  2. Health
  3. Not sick/not well
  4. Sick
  5. Very unwell – maybe nearing the point of death!

Chinese medicine and Qigong health has these levels and people can be on any level at any time. The aim is to be at the top level of Supreme Health but in fact not many people are at this level. These people never get sick, even when there are lots of illnesses going around. If they become ill or are injured they recover very quickly. They have boundless energy and always seem to be able to take things in their stride. Take a look around your family and friends – many of them may be healthy but not many will have Supreme health. Supremely healthy people are in the minority.

We are aiming to be as healthy as possible and we can do that by managing many factors – our diet, lifestyle, relationships.

The main thing to remember here is that, from a Chinese Medicine point of view, health is simply not a case of being “not ill”. There are many levels of health in Chinese medicine.

In my face to face Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinics, and also in the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong breathing and relaxation exercises, I help people to become as healthy as possible and to fulfil the potential that they have to reach the best possible state of health for them. Not everybody has the same potential, everybody is different, but if you can be the healthiest possible for you then you couldn’t ask for more than that.
If you are interested in doing some healing using Qigong or getting a few more tips then please leave me a comment below the video or head over to Facebook and join my Space to Relax Free Group where I look forward to hearing from you!