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Qigong Method to Absorb Qi from the Moon – Introduction

In this video you can follow along with a methods to absorb Qi from the moon. This is a shortened version of the much more detailed method that you can learn in my Space To Relax programme of Qigong video lessons.


The moon has strong Yin energy. The Yin functions of the body are those of cooling, moistening and nourishing. In order to take this energy from the moon you need to be able to adjust your frequency to that of nature. Qigong methods enable you to do this.

The Moon Qigong exercise is one method to TONIFY your Qi, i.e. gain more energy. When lunar energy is absorbed into Dan Tian it tonifies the Yin and has a specific effect on your emotions. It can address the hyperactivity of Yang (manifesting as too much heat or movement) and restore balance to the body. This is a good method for if you feel anxious or restless. It can help you to feel calm and comfortable. It is a very special calming method due to the special cooling effects of the moon.

For women, this is an excellent method to practice in the days before menstruation. It helps to calm excess heat and fire in the body at a time when the body has a tendency to overheat.

Qigong Routine To Absorb Qi From The Moon

1. Begin with Abdominal Breathing to get into the “Qigong State” of calm and relaxation (more details here).

2. If standing, stand in Qigong stance with hands near to your sides or just in front, elbows slightly bent, palms facing in the direction of the moon with fingers naturally separated and relaxed.  When sitting, sit up straight with the backs of your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards. If lying down, lie with your hands by your sides, palms facing upwards. 

3. Think of the pathway from the hands, wrists, up the arms to the shoulders, chest and upper back and down into Dan Tian (3x in total). Think of the whole pathway being loose and relaxed – open it up so that energy from the moon can enter.

4. Think of bringing moonlight to the palms. The palm is like a lunar panel. This is a key point. If you fail to think of the lunar panel then it will be difficult to absorb the moon’s energy. Feel the sensations on the hands. Repeat 3x in total. 

5. Think of cooling and calming moon Qi travelling to Dan Tian. The mind is very important here so keep it calm and quiet. Take 9 abdominal breaths to bring the moon’s Qi from the palms into Dan Tian.

6. Breathe into Dan Tian a few times using your abdominal breath. Rub the palms together vigorously then place them on the face rubbing the face a few times.

Integration into Your Day

The best time to practice this method is between 11 pm and 1 am on days 14-17 of the lunar calendar when the moon is full. At this time the moonlight is very good but it also has other effects. It is very common for us not to use our time to think about the moon. Do this more during these 4 days and spend some time reviewing your Qigong practice. At this time you can extract energy from the moon but also gain inspiration.

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