How to Breathe Properly When Wearing a Face Mask

Lesson 24 – How To Breathe Properly When Wearing a Face Mask (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

This is a replay of a live session showing you how to breathe properly when wearing a face mask, taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker. I have been teaching Qigong for two decades and am the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons. I’m also a practitioner of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can join my live classes on Zoom every Thursday at 4 pm Irish time.

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Introduction To How To Breathe Properly When Wearing a Face Mask

When we breathe rapidly, shallowly or through the mouth this can create a state of high alert (fight or flight) in our bodies. In this state we can feel tension, stress and panic. Shallow breathing can also cause tension in the chest and neck muscles, making it more difficult for you to mentally relax.

In this video you can follow along with a Qigong technique which can help to breathe properly and be more relaxed when wearing a face mask. This will help you to quell any feelings of claustrophobia or suffocation which can result in stress, anxiety and panic. Being able to regulate your breathing using Qigong and also adjusting your posture to allow easy flow of air in and out of the lungs can make a huge difference to how you adapt to wearing a mask.

Method for How to Breathe Properly When Wearing a Face Mask

  1. Ensure your posture is upright to allow for free and easy movement of air in and out of your lungs. For more on the correct Qigong stance click here.
  2. Just before you put your mask on take 5 “quality breaths” by inhaling for a count of 4 and exhaling for a count of 6.
  3. Put your mask on then repeat your 5 “quality breaths” to adapt to the presence of the mask on your face.
  4. Take off the mask and continue with Abdominal Breathing.

Integration into Your Day

We are all in a position where we have to now wear a mask for some part of our day. The best way to learn how to breathe properly when wearing a face mask is to practice for short periods of time at home. Think positive, and know that by using abdominal breathing, you can get enough air into your lungs and regulate your breathing in a calm and relaxed manner. Remember to take regular breaks from wearing your mask when possible.

Previous Live Lesson Replays

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