Lesson 16-Qigong for Feet and Ankles (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

Lesson 16-Qigong for Feet and Ankles (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

This is a replay of a live session showing you a Qigong routine for Spring, taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker. I have been teaching Qigong for two decades and am the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons. I’m also a practitioner of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can join my live classes on Zoom every Thursday at 4 pm Irish time. Click here to join us (lesson replays sent out by email in case you can’t make it).

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Qigong for Feet and Ankles – Introduction

In this video you can follow along with a routine of Qigong for feet and ankles. This routine can be helpful for you if you are suffering with any foot pain, ankle pain, foot and ankle swelling, plantar fasciitis, burning feet, cold feet, flat feet, heel pain or restless legs and feet. In addition, these methods of Qigong for feet ankles can help you to improve your balance.

From a mental and emotional point of view, because these Qigong exercises help to bring restless and overactive Qi down from the head to the feet, you may feel that your mind becomes calmer, clearer and more peaceful.

Qigong For Feet & Ankles – Method

1. Begin with Abdominal Breathing to get into the “Qigong State” of calm and relaxation (more details here).

2. Stand in Qigong stance (more details here). Think of inhaling down through Dan Tian, through the legs to the feet. Exhale back up through the body and out of your nose.

3. With the ball of your foot on the ground and your heel raised off the ground, practice slow and mindful ankle circles in both directions.

4. Inhale through the nose as you stand on your tiptoes and hold your balance for a few seconds. As you exhale drop the heels to the ground, thinking of exhaling any “waste Qi” that you don’t want down through the feet into the earth.

5. Practice standing on one leg. Then inhale coming up onto your tiptoes. Exhale, dropping your heel to the ground. Repeat three times then do the same with the other leg.

5. Practice standing in a horse stance in order to bring more attention to your legs and feet. This encourages the Qi to move to the lower parts of your body so that you feel more grounded. Next, lift one heel off the ground and then the other, keeping your mind in your feet as you do this.

6. Practice walking forward and backward, firstly planting your heel on the ground as you step forward. Step your back foot in to join your front foot, keeping your knees bent. Then step backward planting the ball of your leading foot on the ground first. Step your other leg back to join the leading leg without straightening your knees.

7. Finish the Qigong routine by coming back into your Qigong stance and performing a few abdominal breaths.

Integration into Your Day

You can practice the above routine of Qigong for feet and ankles as a formal “Qigong session” or simply practice one element of it if you have only a few minutes.

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