Do you have any issues with circulation of blood or lymph in your body? You’ll know if you do as you may experience symptoms of cold hands and feet, fluid accumulation and a weakened immune system for example. In this article and video you’ll learn how to use Qigong for lymphatic drainage and to help improve the circulation of blood throughout your body so that you can more efficiently nourish all your tissues and organs, remove toxins and fight disease.

Janice Tucker is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. She is also the founder of the Space To Relax online programme of Qigong video lessons.

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The Role of the Lymphatic System

It wasn’t until recently that the lymphatic system was given attention or well understood in terms of Western medicine. However, in Asia, even though the lymphatic function itself was unknown, its effects were generally thought to be due to the action of Qi (energy) and fluids.

The lymph system is made up of a network of vessels that transport fluid throughout our bodies. Lymphatic fluid flushes debris (such as viruses, bacteria and cancer cells) away from the fluid that bathes the body’s cells. In this way our lymphatic system is related to the power of our immune system.

Qigong for Lymphatic Drainage

There are many simple things we can do to enhance lymphatic function. This, in turn, will help strengthen our immune system and thereby our resistance to disease.

The role of breath, movement and posture in Qigong exercises all have specific effects on the production and circulation of the lymph.

1. Breathing

Our breathing powers the flow of the cleansing lymphatic fluid through the lymph system. Lymphatic flow is increased by the deeper breathing we do when we exercise. Therefore Abdominal Breathing, which makes greater use of the diaphragm, acts to circulate lymph much more efficiently through the abdominal and thoracic area than the more shallow “chest” breathing which most people do. For a previous video on Abdominal Breathing click here.

2. Movement

When we exercise, the flow of lymph into our circulation can increase by 10-15%. Any Qigong exercise involving movement of the muscles will help improve lymph function throughout the body. Those exercises which especially involve movement of the upper body exercise are important in the lymphatic cleansing of the breasts. Muscular movement in the arms, armpits and chest causes the lymphatic fluid to flow efficiently in order to rid the breast area of toxic debris. The circles exercise which is part of my series of free Qigong video lessons (see below) is a good example of a Qigong for lymphatic drainage method. Another method to increase the drainage of lymph and flow of Qi in the chest and upper arms is in a previous video called “A Simple Qigong Stretch“:

3. Posture

Any inversion of the limbs or even a lying down body position allows for a free flow of lymph unencumbered by the effects of gravity. Elevation of the lower limbs is often prescribed for health problems characterised by a pooling of fluids. Just lying on the floor with your legs straight up the wall is a fantastic posture to help with circulation of lymph.

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