Lesson 43 – Qigong For Connecting With Yourself And Others (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

Lesson 43 – Qigong For Connecting With Yourself And Others (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

This is a replay of a live session showing you a Qigong routine for Spring, taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker. I have been teaching Qigong for two decades and am the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons. I’m also a practitioner of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can join my live classes on Zoom every Thursday at 4 pm Irish time. Click here to join us (lesson replays sent out by email in case you can’t make it).

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Qigong For Connecting With Yourself and Others – Introduction

This year has been challenging for many of us in that we haven’t been able to travel to visit friends and family because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are still in the same situation coming up to Christmas. Many of us will not have the opportunity to be in the physical presence of our loved ones. For this reason I wanted to show you how to get creative and use Qigong to help with that! Qi is present everywhere; in your body, in nature and in the universe.

In this class you’ll learn how to use Qigong for connecting with yourself and others. Firstly, you’ll activate your own Qi to connect on a deeper level with yourself and then with others to send them kindness, gratitude and compassion.


  1. Begin by adopting the correct Qigong sitting or standing posture and performing a few abdominal breaths (see more here).
  2. Twist your body from side to side and as you turn gently tap the point Zhongfu (Lung 1) under your collar bones with loose fists. This helps stimulate the Lung system which is associated with your Wei (defensive) Qi and the emotions of sadness and grief. Stimulating this point may therefore help boost your immunity and help you to process grief and sadness in the healthiest way possible for you.
  3. Open and close the chest, coordinating this movement with your abdominal breath to create conditions for open flow of Qi around the chest and upper back.
  4. Use the “Circles” method to encourage the movement of Qi in the four directions.
  5. With your arms extended connect your Qi with others in your practice group, your friends or family.
  6. Hold a ball of Qi in front of your body. Use your mind to share this healing Qi with someone you love. Send them kindness, compassion and gratitude for your relationship with them.
  7. Finish your practice with a few abdominal breaths. Know that you can use this practice to connect with your loved ones at any time you choose.

Integrating Qigong For Connecting With Yourself and Others Into Your Day

You can take a few moments anytime over the course of the Christmas period to connect with those people you can’t see in person. All you need to do is quieten your mind and body to connect with your own Qi. Then, think of sending love, kindness and compassion to the person you have in mind.

Many other live lesson replays can be found on my blog page. I’d encourage you to take a look at some of them and find methods which you can easily combine with this one. A good example is “Qigong for Present Moment Living“. This lesson replay will help you to further connect and activate your Qi before sending it to your loved ones.

Click the image above to follow along with the Qigong class!

What Can I Do Next?

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