Lesson 79 – Qigong Healing Sound For Heart and Heart Meditation

Lesson 79 – Qigong Healing Sound For Heart and Heart Meditation

This video shows you the Qigong healing sound for Heart and Heart meditation. It was taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker, the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons.

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Qigong Healing Sound For Heart and Heart Meditation – Introduction

In the northern hemisphere we will soon be coming into the season of Summer which is the associated season of the Heart system in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is the best time of year to focus on Heart nourishing activities such as Qigong, in order to allow our Heart system to function optimally (more below).

[If you live in the southern hemisphere and are currently moving into winter then you can still practice this routine but you might also want to try this one for the Kidney system, the organ system associated with winter.]

Our Heart system is known in TCM as the SOVEREIGN RULER OR EMPEROR of the other organ systems. It governs or oversees all other activities in the body and mind. Its functions include:

  • Control of blood circulation/blood vessels/blood pressure/pulse rate;
  • Opening into the tongue and being responsible for clear speech;
  • Being able to feel and express the emotions of joy and excitement;
  • Manifesting in the facial complexion;
  • Housing the mind and therefore influencing peaceful sleep, memory and keeping your mind calm, clear and focused.

An imbalance in the Heart system can result in symptoms such as:

  • Blood circulation problems, heart issues, high blood pressure, palpitations;
  • A red face or poor complexion;
  • Insomnia, dream disturbed sleep and night sweats;
  • Poor memory (the inability to recall names which are on the tip of your tongue);
  • A scattered mind which is restless, uneasy or confused;
  • Anxiety and/or depression;
  • Overexcitement and nervous laughter;
  • Panic attacks.

The good news is that Qigong practice can help you transition smoothly from Springtime into Summer. In the video lesson on this page you can:

  1. Use one of the Six Healing Sounds to help discharge (get rid of) waste or sick Qi from the Heart system.
  2. Listen to a soothing Qigong Heart meditation based on the longer Inner Smile Meditation method in order to open your Heart and calm your mind.

Qigong Healing Sound For Heart and Heart Meditation – Method

  1. Adopt a Qigong standing or sitting posture.

  2. Settle into your practice with a few Abdominal Breaths.

  3. Combine your movement, breath, mind and healing sound for the Heart (Ke) in order to discharge waste or sick Qi from the Heart system. Use multiples of 6 repetitions for this discharging exercise until you begin to feel lighter and more open in the heart area.

  4. Follow along with my guided meditation to open the Heart and calm the mind using your inner smile.

  5. Consolidate your practice with a few abdominal breaths.

Additional Video Resources & Further Tips

You’ll find many other live lesson replays on my blog page. Take a look at some of them to find methods that you can easily combine with this one. You can use the search box on the blog page to find any topics you are interested in.

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