Lesson 83 – How To Get “Unstuck” With 3 Qigong Exercises (Replay of Live Lesson)

Lesson 83 – How To Get “Unstuck” With 3 Qigong Exercises (Replay of Live Lesson)

This video shows you a gentle 20-minute Qigong routine to become “unstuck” with 3 Qigong exercises. If you physically feel as though you have stagnant Qi which can manifest as pain, cramp, congestion or digestive problems or mentally like you are “stuck in the mud”, depressed, anxious or unmotivated, why not try these three Qigong exercises to help relieve this feeling of stagnation?

This lesson was taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker, the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons.

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How To Get “Unstuck” With 3 Qigong Exercises – Introduction

In our modern day world with our often hectic schedules of often trying to fit too many things into our busy schedules, it is common for us to feel “stuck”. This stuck feeling can manifest either:

  1. Physically – by way of pain, clots, cramps, headaches, premenstrual tension, digestive issues or sinus/chest congestion;
  2. Mentally/Emotionally – by way of brain fog, anger, feeling unmotivated, depressed, anxious or simply “stuck in the mud”.

This stuck feeling in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is described as stagnant Qi and can be caused by many factors, for example:

  • poor diet;
  • overeating;
  • too much screen time;
  • lack of physical movement;
  • stress;
  • excess alcohol;
  • toxins in the environment.

Three of the main systems in the body which are particularly subject to this feeling of stagnant Qi or “stuckness” are:

  • The Lung system – which when not functioning optimally can lead to a build-up of Qi in the chest manifesting as breathing difficulties, chest or sinus congestion.
  • The Spleen system – which when overcome by excess can lead to a heavy, bloated, “stuck in the mud” feeling, especially in the abdominal area as Spleen governs the whole of digestion in TCM terms.
  • The Liver system – which is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi so is often affected.

How To Get “Unstuck” With 3 Qigong Exercises – Method

  1. Begin by sitting or standing and performing a few abdominal breaths to bring yourself into the Qigong state.
  2. Release stagnant or stuck Qi in the chest and lungs with a chest opening exercise.
  3. Raising Up A Single Hand to release stuck Qi in the digestive and Spleen systems.
  4. “Polish the Table Top” and “Side Stretch” to relieve stuck Qi in the Liver system.
  5. Consolidate your practice with a few abdominal breaths.

The video replay of a live Qigong class shows you how to get “unstuck” with 3 Qigong exercises, focusing on the Lung, Spleen and Liver systems.

Additional Video Resources & Further Tips

In addition to this 20 minute Qigong routine for relieving stagnant Qi, you may find the routines listed below helpful.

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