Lesson 56 – 15 Minute Qigong Routine For Restless Legs and Leg Circulation  (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

Lesson 56 – 15 Minute Qigong Routine For Restless Legs and Leg Circulation (Replay of Live Qigong Class)

This is a replay of a live session showing you a 15 Minute Qigong routine for restless legs and leg circulation, taught by myself, Dr. Janice Tucker. I have been teaching Qigong for two decades and am the founder of the Space To Relax Programme of Qigong video lessons and a practitioner of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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15 Minute Qigong Routine For Restless Legs and Leg Circulation – Introduction

If we experience issues with the circulation in our legs not being as open and free flowing as it could be then the following symptoms and conditions may arise:

  • Restless legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Cold feet and toes
  • Heavy legs
  • Tired legs

Restless legs, in particular, is a common and irritating problem for many people. It can be related to iron deficiency, certain medications, varicose veins, nerve disorders, hypothyroid, diabetes, pregnancy, obesity and excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking.

Restless legs can be associated with other conditions such as fibromyalgia, sleep apnea/sleep problems, thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

The desire to move and the tingling, creeping sensations in the legs are, in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are signs of a lack of smooth flow of Qi and blood in the legs.

The objective of managing restless leg syndrome is to improve blood and Qi flow through the legs. Qigong can help you with this alongside other options which are mentioned below.

For a fuller account of Restless Leg Syndrome in terms of TCM read the Acupuncture Points blog on Restless Legs.

15 Minute Qigong Routine For Restless Legs And Leg Circulation – Method

  1. Begin standing (or standing for long periods is not available to you right now).
  2. Settle into your practice with a few abdominal breaths to bring yourself into the Qigong state.
  3. Tap and massage around the hips.
  4. Tap and massage up and down the outside and inside of the legs.
  5. Lift alternating legs.
  6. Lift and circle hips out, then in, alternating legs.
  7. Rub the knees, perform a few small knee circles then sit down, bending the knees and keeping the heels on the floor.
  8. Circle the ankles.
  9. Lift the toes then replace one at a time.
  10. Shake out the legs.
  11. Finish the routine with abdominal breathing.

Additional Management Options

The following additional avenues are worth exploring if you haven’t already considered them:

  1. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be extremely helpful if you suffer from restless legs, tired legs or any circulatory issues related to the legs.
  2. Supplement with iron and/or magnesium if you are deficient.
  3. Take regular exercise to improve general circulation.
  4. Adopt a low sugar diet.

Additional Video Resources

Many other live lesson replays can be found on my blog page. Take a look at some of them to find methods which you can easily combine with this one.

Click the image above to follow along with the Qigong class!

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